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Born 1947 in Winston Salem, North Carolina, Ron grew up in Salisbury. Among his early childhood recollections, was that of becoming an artist. After high school, Ron began his college studies at East Carolina University majoring in printmaking. 1965 to 1968.

The U.S. Navy interrupted his college education in 1968. Ron was stationed in Nea Makri, Greece until his release from the Navy in 1972. While in the Navy, he would use his spare time drawing, and painting. In1973, he was accepted into the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where he continued his artistic studies in printmaking and illustration.

In 1978, Ron graduated from the University of Cincinnati with an MFA in Printmaking. After graduation he became an instructor at the Art Academy.

In 1980, Ron opened his own graphics and illustration company. For the next twenty years Ron created commercial art, while learning more and more about practical design, illustration and photography: on a professional level. When personal computers started taking over the design world, he began to long for the days where he could express himself with brushes, paints, pens and ink. As a side, Ron kept teaching himself how to paint, particularly with oils.

It wasn't until 1987 that he began to seriously think of changing his career to become a full time artist. He began to prepare a group of
paintings to honor his parents' 50th wedding anniversary. This show was exhibited at the Waterworks Gallery in his hometown.

In 1993, a PBS instructional painting show featuring John Stobart, jump started Ron into doing plein air painting. In the next several years, Ron produced over a thousand paintings. By 1995 Ron was an established painter.

Now, Ron paints a variety of subject matter ranging from Tuscan landscapes and Greek fishing boats to New England harbors and boats. In addition, he teaches plein workshops.

Selected Exhibitions

• Solo Show, Joe Stewart Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, December 2016
• Solo Show, Indian Hill Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, May 2015
• Solo Show, Kathyrn Gallery, Columbus, Ohio, April 2009
• Three Person Show, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio November 2007
• Solo Show, Argosy Gallery, Bar Harbor, Maine August 2007
• PaintAmerica ToplOO, National Juried Show, Topeka, Kansas November 2006
• Acadia Invitational, Bar Harbor, Maine August 2006
• Vie\vpoint, National Juried Show, November 2005
• Part of Two Man Show, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio June 2004
• Solo Show, Miller Gallery, Winter Park, Florida, February 2004
• Miller Gallery, Cincinnati Still Life Show October 2003
• Awarded 1st Prize Viewpoint 2002, National Juried Show,

   Cincinnati, Ohio November 2002
• Arts for the Parks Top 200, Jackson, WY September 2002
• Part of 3 Man Show, Miller Gallery March 2002
• View Point 2001, National Juried Show, Dragonfly Award,

   Cincinnati November 2001
• Art for the Parks Top 200, Jackson, Wyoming Sept 2001
• Solo Show, Sigman's Gallery, Indianapolis, IN Oct 2000
• Part of a 3 Person Show Miller Gallery, Cincinnati Sept 2000
• Solo Show, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati May 1999
• Exhibited, Masterpieces of Maturity Lexington Art League

  Lexington, Kentucky May 1999
• Part of a 6 Person Show Miller Gallery, Cincinnati May 1998
• Midland Center for the Arts, Group Show Midland, Michigan January 1998
• Two Man Show Schaff Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio May 1996
• Honorable Mention Viewpoint, National Juried Show, Cincinnati November 1995
• Solo Show, Mason Fine Art Gallery, Mason, Ohio 1994
• Solo Show, The Water Works Art Center, Salisbury, N. Carolina 1992
• Nelson Gallery of Art, Atkins Museum of Fine Arts,

   Repeated Exposure Photographic Imagery in the Print Media, Kansas City, Missouri 1982
• Cincinnati Bell Collection Show Cincinnati 1981
• Traveling Exhibition, A Group of Six: Cincinnati Printmakers,

   Ohio Foundation for the Arts 1979
• Carnegie Arts Center, The Art Academy of Cincinnati Faculty Show,

  Covington, Kentucky 1979
• Dennison University The Art Academy of Cincinnati Faculty Show,

  Granville, Ohio 1978
  Exhibited, Strategys, Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, Ohio 1979
• Cincinnati Art Museum, Recent Gifts of Prints and Drawings 1978

Boyden High School  1965
East Carolina University 1965 - 1968
U. S. Navy  1968 - 1972
Art Academy of Cincinnati 1973 - 1975
University of Cincinnati 1977 - 1978

Scholarship Awards
Printmaking Scholarship East Carolina University
Printmaking Scholarship Art Academy of Cincinnati
Cincinnati Bell Cover Illustration Award
Society of Illustrators First Prize, National Park Competition
Wilder Traveling Scholarship, Art Academy of Cincinnati
Full Tuitional Scholarship Universtiy of Cincinnati
Awarded First Prize, View Point, National Juried Show
Awarded Dragonfly Award, View Point, National Juried Show
Awarded Honorable Mention, View Point, National Juried Show
Purchase Award Cincinnati Bell Magazine

Cincinnati Financial 
Cincinnati Bell
Cincinnati Art Museum
Universtiy of Cincinnati
Canton Art Museum​
​Our Lady Of Mercy
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